MOITS Traffic Services are Traffic Management Specialists

We design and implement a traffic management strategy to suit your needs at each stage of your project.

We can provide various levels of operations that can include one or two operators or a whole team, depending on the requirements of your project. Our operators will set up and dismantle the work zones, provide day and night work, highway and council lane closures, pilot vehicle operations, road construction work and first aid.

MOITS Traffic Services will liaise with local councils to ensure all the paperwork for the appropriate permits is completed and the permits are in place well ahead of time to avoid delays or fines.

MOITS Traffic Services will manage your traffic needs with a clear strategy to keep your project on track and maintain a high standard of safety.

Traffic Management FAQs

What is a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

A traffic management plan details work to be undertaken and details the impacts on the general area, especially the impacts on vehicular and pedestrian traffic and how these impacts are to be addressed. This document may also contain details of additional traffic control plans (TCP) and vehicle management plans (VMP).

What is a Construction Traffic Management Plan?

A Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) is developed to ensure that the impacts of the construction works in particular with respect to the temporary interruptions to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, are considered by the Principal Contractor and sub-contractor and reviewed by the relevant Council. The CTMP must ensure that at all times public safety is maintained and that wherever possible interruption to the use of the public domain is minimised. It outlines the vehicular and pedestrian traffic management procedures to be followed for the duration of the project commencing with site establishment through demolition, excavation, and construction.

A TMP/CTMP will usually be required for a Development Application or for a large scale event / project.

Is approval required for a Traffic Management Plan?

Yes – before commencing work, approval will need to be obtained from the relevant road authority. In addition to obtaining approval from the relevant authority other agencies may need to be notified in advance of the planned works Such as Police, emergency services, public transport, etc.

Are there fees applicable for submitting a TMP?

Yes – fees can be applicable for the assessment of the TMP depending on the relevant road authority. Fees can vary for each road authority and may be applicable each time you submit a TMP or revised TMP.

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